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Custom Plans & Coaching for Your Specific Goals

Everybody’s goals and objectives are unique. Whether it’s an increase in wellbeing for people living with dementia, their families or staff members, a higher CQC rating, staff development and retention or motivated staff that are supported to feel the empathy and passion in dementia care, please feel free to contact me for guidance without obligation.

Dementia Awareness

What is dementia? Signs and symptoms, the brain, key facts etc.

I can support staff to role-model best practice in becoming a `Dementia Champion’ in their workplace. This can be done on an individual or group basis. Coaching and mentoring can positively contribute to developing your own personal and professional goals. It can support you to reflect, make decisions, communicate effectively and understand others in improving performance and wellbeing.


I deliver training sessions on; Advanced Care Planning (ACP) and planning for a `Good Death’. I also support conversations about death, dying, bereavement, anticipatory grief and spirituality through objects, photos, real life case studies and stories. Top tips on how to get the best from conversations including validation techniques and the appropriate use of language used in dementia.

Lancashire Dementia Services - people who have been helped

Distressed Behaviours

Understanding of signs and symptoms of stress, delirium and depression.

Lancashire Dementia Services - a couple who have been helped

Carers Wellbeing

Processing own emotions, empathy, building on resilience and self compassion.

I offer person-centred training which supports a mindful holistic approach that increases psychological, physical wellbeing and promotes dignity and compassion.

Meaningful Activities & Engagement

I offer fun, practical hands-on training sessions which support the definition of; Meaningful activity, life story, reminiscence, assessing people’s abilities to carry out activities, developing a programme of activities and engagement which promotes occupation, identity and fun into everyday practice.

Creating a Dementia Friendly Community

I provide guidance and support to become a dementia friendly business or organisation who support customers to live well. I can also offer advice and support in setting up community groups for people living with dementia and their carers. Dementia friendly environmental audits, assessments, advice and future planning.

Coaching sessions

One to One coaching sessions (For family, carers & people working with others living with dementia). The sessions are focused around you. Discussions may include;  past, present or future concerns, emotional distress and limiting beliefs. Understanding of dementia – exploring how this affects carers and people living with dementia. Contingency and goal planning.

During the one to one session I will support you to recognise 5 aspects:

  • You are the expert in your own life.
  • You are not broken, nor do you need fixing.
  • I give you room to unpack and access your own emotions and wisdom.
  • I may make suggestions as a way forward. However, you are primarily in the driving seat. I am there to be a supportive passenger.
  • Support your own self awareness to be the best version of yourself.

Free 30 minute initial consultation

Would you like to connect? I offer a free 30 minute telephone or zoom.

During the initial consultation I’ll aim to understand your current situation and your desired outcomes. I will provide you with an introduction into how I work and how sessions or training sessions could be structured to your needs/wishes. I will of course answer any initial questions you may have.



Per coaching & group session


3 hour training session


6 hour training session

(Travel expenses are extra.)

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