Reflection and New Ways - for 2023

reflection and new ways blog for January 2023 from Lancashire Dementia Training and Coaching

As we start 2023 – a new year – often we use this as a time for reflection on the past year and think about ways we will move forward in the coming year.

So today I want to talk about reflection, and the various ways reflection can help us over the next twelve months. 

What is reflection?

  • Reflection is exploring and examining self – experiences, behaviours, beliefs and values. This helps us to identify personal skills and strengths.
  • Reflection helps us to stay grounded and gain perspective.
  • It’s a way of processing, and making sense of things that may have happened, good or bad, in our lives.
  • Reflection means we explore new ways – new ways of being, doing and thinking.
  • It keeps us focussed on what we really want and improves our motivation. 
  • It increases self-awareness – this helps regulate thoughts, feelings and actions – with self-permission, not criticism
  • Reflection allows us to identify and appreciate positive experiences, like improved relationships.
  • It makes us curious about others’ “why”.
  • Understand and learn about self – creating a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Why we often don’t reflect

The challenges with reflection.

  • Fear/stress/anxiety/pain – it can seem too hard a task – overwhelming or “too much”!
  • We don’t have “time” – we are just too “busy” and don’t make the time to reflect a priority.
  • We don’t see the value – we think it’s a waste of time and “nothing will change”.
  • We have no self worth – and put ourselves last. We don’t think of ourselves as important. 
  • Denial – we think we’re perfect and don’t need to change, or support ourselves.
  • We just don’t know how to, or where to, start.

How do we overcome these challenges?

gibbs reflective cycle courtesy of and from "Learning by Doing" by Graham Gibbs. Published by Oxford Polytechnic, 1988.
Gibbs reflective cycle courtesy of
Kolb's learning cycle
Kolb's learning cycle courtesy of
example of an empathy map
example of an empathy map
example of a mind map
example of a mind map

Why not use this amazing tool from Action for Happiness, you can download a PDF from them here, of daily things you can do.

About Lancashire Dementia Training and Consultancy

Lancashire Dementia Training and Consultancy is an organisation run by Rachel Yates Hoyles, who has first-hand experience of supporting a family member living with dementia, plus years of training and experience in this field.

“We hear so much these days about dementia and probably all know a person and family that is affected. There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, with numbers set to rise to over 1 million by 2025 and 2 million by 2051.

“225,000 people will develop dementia this year, that’s one every three minutes. Lancashire currently has over 10,300 people with a dementia diagnosis of which two thirds of people live at home.”

Rachel is passionate about raising awareness of dementia and sharing dementia knowledge to empower others.

She offers a range of training and consultancy sessions which are bespoke to you, your staff and/or service needs. She uses a flexible and friendly approach and can adapt learning sessions and conversations to encourage a positive and fun, learning and inspiring culture that supports creativity and innovation.

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