About Lancashire Dementia

About Rachel:

Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m a dementia coach. I live in Haslingden, Rossendale. Surrounded by beautiful hills, great for walking our dog, Cassie which is something I love to do. I enjoy giving back to the community and I am a trustee of a small charity ‘Beacon- dementia & wellbeing’ in Rossendale. Beacon facilitate activity groups at the Whitaker Museum for people living with dementia, their carers and people who want to connect with other carers/people living with dementia.

About Lancashire Dementia - Rachel with her Dad

Having personal family experience of caring for a loved one living with dementia. I appreciate the challenges, the emotional uncertainties and impact it can bring. Here I am pictured with my dad who we sadly lost in 2013. He is my inspiration and the reason I do what I do.

I have worked in health and social care for 20 years, in fact probably longer if you include my teenage years working in care homes. During this time I have worked in specialist dementia teams across the UK, earned a BSc in Health and Social care and gained comprehensive knowledge, skills and networks which supports the best evidence based practice in dementia care.

In those years I gained significant knowledge and experience in raising the quality of dementia care and cultures across the UK. Having developed practical working strategies that support creative thinking and people to live the best that they can. With the growth of dementia and the need for bespoke dementia training and support growing I decided to set up my own business. I wanted to make a positive impact in my local community across Lancashire which is when Lancashire Dementia Training and Coaching was born in 2018. 

I am also an EMCC accredited senior practitioner and NLP practitioner coach with a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and mentoring. I hold a certificate in transactional analysis and practice mentalization-based therapy (MBT). 

These methodologies can help us make sense of our thoughts, beliefs, wishes and feelings; and how these link to our actions and behaviours

I am a heart-led, compassionate person who listens with empathy to understand and provide safe confidential spaces for people to talk. I am passionate about raising awareness of dementia and sharing dementia knowledge to empower others.

I’d love you to get in touch.

Who I Work With

Care givers who provide care for a family member at home or in care facility.

People whose job role involves supporting people living with dementia i.e. care home, domiciliary/community care staff. Support workers, dementia advisors, nurses and health care assistants.

Businesses who support or are looking to support people living with dementia. i.e. retail, public sector – councils, public health, police/ prison officers, construction companies, hospitality etc.


We recently used Rachel for two sessions. We booked these in so our Volunteers at our weekly Dementia lunch club could gain some extra knowledge on how to deal with certain situations. Everyone stated how much they enjoyed the course and how much they have taken away from it. Rachel’s passion really comes through and I would thoroughly recommend her if you are ever looking to book in any Dementia training.

Jaime-Lee Murphy

Topics I cover in my training

I offer a range of different learning approaches from the traditional PowerPoint presentations to group discussions and problem solving.  Plus coaching and mentoring, action learning sets, project work, strategic planning and case studies. Sessions can take place in or out of the workplace and can be tailored to your work routines. The length of sessions can also be adapted from full to half days, one-offs or regular sessions. One-to-one or group training and masterclasses.

  • Dementia Awareness
  • Communication – Barriers and tips
  • Distressed behaviours – Signs, triggers, how we can support
  • Carers wellbeing Processing own emotions, empathy, building on resilience and self compassion
  • Meaningful activities and engagement
  • Creating a dementia friendly community, business or event
  • Past, present or future concerns, emotional distress and limiting beliefs
  • Understanding of dementia
  • Contingency and goal planning

My Values

These values are what I would consider to be of most importance in my everyday work. 

  • Compassion – To be with others; Actively listen, understand and feel their need. Respond with empathy, comfort and love.
  •  Trust – To be open and honest with people; to build up long lasting relationships that are reliable and sincere.
  •  Kindness – To be friendly and considerate to others; Ensuring that others feel the warmth and gentleness through genuine human kindness that contributes to people’s happiness and wellbeing.
  • Empower – To support others through learning and development so that they can increase in confidence and can flourish.
  • Community – Contribute to a dementia friendly network; Connecting people to help and support each other to make friends and increase individual and community health and resilience.

My Qualifications & Experience

Dementia Care Mapper Bradford University (2014)
BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care (2016)
Certificate in promoting best Practice and Innovation in Public Health (2016)
Post Graduate Certificate, level 7 Coaching and Mentoring. (2018)
Accredited Senior EMCC practitioner (2021)
NLP practitioner and MBiT coach (2022)
Certificate in Transaction Analysis and mentalisation based therapy (2022)
Trustee of Beacon Dementia and Wellbeing charity (2017- Present)

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