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“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

"I was introduced to Rachel by a family member, and I was grateful to discover that, despite being a number of miles away, Rachel was happy to chat with me on Zoom. I have been able to share with her confidentialities, worries, anxieties, tears and laughter. After each session I receive very accurate notes of various things we have covered, which I find helpful to see the progress I have made, or areas I need to think about going forward. There’s always a little Mindful message too. After my session I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, refreshed and ready to cope with what I have to deal with."

“...a safe space to explore my thoughts and feelings...”

"Thank you Rachel, the sessions came at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed by a job I dislike, caring for Mum and Dad, finishing MA and Covid. I found having the time and a safe space to explore my thoughts and feelings helpful. You listened to my thoughts and made suggestions about how I could move things forward. We were able to walk which was a great way to talk and get some fresh air, especially during a time of restricted social contact. Your approach was positive, caring and friendly. You listened carefully."

“Dad is opening up beautifully and is in a much better place”

"After last session I typed up the notes and shared them with Dad (and my Sister and Brother) and we all took a lot of heart from them. I'll do the same again this time. I think that Dad is opening up beautifully and is in a much better place, along with Mum, just as importantly and as a result of your sessions. Thanks again for all your effort, input and guidance, it's immeasurably appreciated."

“It has been invaluable, and we feel much better equipped”

"Just wanted to thank you on behalf of all of us for all the help and support you provided on the recent zoom sessions. It has been invaluable, and we feel much better equipped to deal with what is a very difficult and emotionally challenging situation for all of us. We feel very fortunate to have had access to your service and have benefitted greatly from it."

“Our calls have had a massive positive impact on my daily life.”

"Hi Rachel, as we have just had our last zoom call earlier, I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks. Our calls have had a massive positive impact on my daily life whilst caring for my partner Steve. You have been a breath of fresh air and a huge ray of sunshine which has kept me going through some very difficult moments. I look forward to our time on zoom and wish with all my heart they could continue. You don’t realise the positive impact you give to people, your knowledge is endless, you're patient, kind, caring, empathetic and just a beautiful person inside & out. You are an absolute diamond. Everyone that knows you or has come into contact with you loves you and speaks of you with the highest regard. Your passion and drive to help people cope through their journeys living with Alzheimers/Dementia is immeasurable. You are an absolute credit to yourself and should be so proud. I would not be in the place I am today without your continued support and guidance and I will be forever in your debt. I hope & pray that you are able to continue with this lifeline you are to people and the powers that be support you so that you in turn can support others. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts."
-Karen & Family

“Rachel's desire and passion to help is clear to see and inspiring.”

"We recently moved to Rossendale January 2020 to be close to one of our daughters. My wife Rita 74 has DLB diagnosed three years ago. Caring for someone with Dementia at times can be a very challenging, frightening and a lonely journey, whilst Alzheimer Society and other's booklets and organisations are informative and helpful they often lack detailed hands-on advice and it's inevitable things will happen that questions your understanding, ability to cope and where to go for advice. Dealing with these issues in a pandemic with the added issues of social isolation and delays getting resolutions to just about everything just adds to the challenges any Carer or Dementia sufferer faces. Having a knowledgeable, impartial resource you can easily contact to discuss your concerns, expand your knowledge and ability. Question your thoughts and help you build a path forward has for me been extremely beneficial. In addition to which as a result of setting and achieving some goals the process has importantly benefited Rita and my whole family. I am in no doubt the Coaching approach works (providing the individual is able to lead and put the effort in). Rachel's desire and passion to help is clear to see and inspiring. Well done Rachel. Many Thanks"
-David, Rita & family

“we now feel in a better position”

"When my mum was diagnosed with vascular dementia last year it was an extremely hard time for myself, my sister, and our families. As well as being in lockdown during a pandemic we were not offered any support or guidance from our doctor or health providers. After making lots of phone calls to various organisations and speaking to people in the same position as us, my sister miraculously found Rachel. Rachel has been a massive support to myself and my sister, she has provided us with much needed information, guided us in the right direction as to where to seek help and support, talked to us about vascular dementia and what to expect and how we can support our mum and also been a shoulder to cry on when we were having a tough day. I cannot thank Rachel enough for all her help, we now feel in a better position and have managed to get support in place for mum going forward, being armed with that information has been invaluable."

“The moment I first spoke to her I felt so much better.”

"I first heard of the dementia club through Haslingden Community Link. I asked about it and they put me through to Rachel. The moment I first spoke to her I felt so much better and felt at last me and my sister had got some help. Rachel was very easy to talk to, she was supportive, she gave us lots of useful information and told us where to find it. She reassured us that what we were doing in terms of my mum was correct and the best that we could. Rachel was also interested in us and our families and was always telling us to look after ourselves. The help she gave us was invaluable and I can't thank her enough for it, in fact in our last session I felt lost. We have called her on several occasions even on Sundays and she was always happy to help. The work she does is so important in Rossendale we had no idea the help was available, and we need this type of help and support so badly as there isn't enough of it. I will be forever grateful to Rachel that we are able to keep my mum at home for as long as possible because of her help. Thank you very much.

“...made a massive difference in dealing with mum's world in a sympathetic and loving way.”

"In July 2020, My father passed away. Soon after, my mum was diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia. Initially the effects were manageable, but soon became a major challenge. Mum was prescribed medication to help suppress issues that derived from the effects of dementia, which included hallucinations. My sister Diane and I had no experience of caring for someone living with dementia, let alone our mum, and we really began to struggle. I was made aware that Rachel Yates Hoyles was providing support for carers through a series of Zoom one to one sessions and arranged to take up the opportunity to talk through our issues and potentially receive help, advice and support. Over the sessions that have taken place since January, Rachel has provided help and practical suggestions as to how we could address a number of issues now and in the future relating to mum's memory, well-being and visions on life. Rachel's suggestions were taken on board and have subsequently made a massive difference in dealing with mum's world in a sympathetic and loving way. Diane and I were aware that we needed additional external support to help mum initially with meals and companionship when alone, and through Rachel's experience working with care providers suggested an organisation in Bolton that may provide that support. The organisation have been a godsend to Diane, myself and most importantly mum. We are now much less stressed, and have seen a remarkable change in mum's well-being, and she is more content and happy with her day to day life experience. If I was to highlight one element of support provided by Rachel as most important it would be the reassurance from Rachel that we are doing right by mum in our actions in coping with the challenges of dementia and we both thank her for being there."

“Your ideas and suggestions have been most helpful.”

"I would like to say on behalf of myself and my family, how much we enjoyed and benefited from your Friday sessions. Your ideas and suggestions have been most helpful during what has been a trying period for us all, and I am sure they will continue to be so looking further down the road."

“She demonstrates amazing passion and determination.”

"I have known Rachel both professionally and personally for many years. She demonstrates amazing passion and determination in everything she does. Rachel is reliable and personable with a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience. I would highly recommend her."

“She is dedicated, knowledgeable & such a caring person.”

"I have worked with Rachel over the last 15 years. She is dedicated, knowledgeable & such a caring person. She has not only been a valued colleague but a close friend."
-Liz Butler

“Rachel is passionate about her work and extremely knowledgeable.”

"Rachel is passionate about her work and extremely knowledgeable, but above all empathetic and caring. Thoroughly recommended."
-Jane Riley

“The sessions helped me to see things in a real but objective way.”

"I found them really helpful and supportive. They helped me to see my strengths and see where I perhaps needed some extra support. It was really helpful that I knew I was able to contact Rachel by e-mail with any issues and they could be talked over at the next session. There were times when I felt under a great deal of pressure from my circumstances (e.g. when I had a heart attack) and it was really helpful to have someone that I could share how I was feeling. When we are surrounded by issues, it is almost impossible to see our situations objectively. I found the sessions helped me to see things in a real but objective way. The sessions were a great support for me along my difficult life journey."

“She is dedicated, knowledgeable & such a caring person.”

"Thank you so much for the coaching, I was sceptical at first though you have helped me find my own way and solutions. This has made a massive difference to my confidence”
-Team leader (Dementia Support service)

"Clear... Professional. Everyone should have this training.”

"I feel the dementia session was pitched just right. Very clear, professional and delivered in a non-patronising way… Everyone should have this training."
-Activity Coordinator

“A well-presented & brilliant session on a very emotive subject.”

"A well-presented and brilliant session on a very emotive subject and close to our hearts. As a daughter supporting my Mum and Dad who has dementia, this has been invaluable – Thank you.”
-A carer

“Your ideas and suggestions have been most helpful.”

"Dementia session was superb, really knowledgeable speaker and well presented.”
-GMP Officer

“Really helped me understand myself & my family.”

"As a person living with dementia, the training session on activity has really helped me understand myself and my family. We came away with lots of inspiring ideas.”

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