Carers Week (15th-11th June 2023

Supporting people who don't think of themselves as having caring responsibilities.

Carers Week (5th -11th June) is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring and to support people who don’t think of themselves as having caring responsibilities to identify as carers and access much-needed support.

Most of us, as wives, husbands, son’s, daughters, friends, neighbours etc. don’t think of ourselves in the role of a “Carer”. We may think of that role as someone who has an occupation/career in it and gets paid for it. Some people simply feel that they are being kind or it’s their duty. 

Some people simply feel that it’s their duty.

It may be a couple of hours shopping, helping with bills or hospital appointments here and there. Or it could be to round the clock support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whatever the support, the family member or friend could not manage without your support.

For some people providing care it can be complex, stressful, and emotional. Many have other commitments such as their own families, work, children etc. They can feel pulled in all different directions often not prioritising their own health and wellbeing. Feeling the stress of it affecting their own financial situation, career, education and personal development.

Unpaid carers save the NHS around £445 Million a day

The value of unpaid care is equivalent to a second NHS in England and Wales, which in 2020/21 received an estimated £164 billion in funding (Carers UK and Sheffield University, May 2023). This is equivalent to £445 Million a day!

Throughout my work I have had the privilege of working with many families whose family member has/is living with dementia. The emotional trauma and lasting impact goes on for years, even after the person dies.

These last couple of months I have asked some people I work with for their personal experiences.

I asked some of the carers who I work with… “What is it like for you?”

Here are some of their replies.

‘”It’s not easy, you just muddle through each day and do your best. Some days are better than others and I could let my thoughts overwhelm me and overthink. I can become stuck in a negative mindset of “why me?”. I try hard to reframe my thoughts, look after myself and find moments of joy that I am grateful for. I have accepted this new way of being, it’s not what I have chosen, though I try to make the best of every moment.”

“Why do people/the media refer to care givers as “unpaid carer” or equally bad “informal carer”. There is nothing informal about it. I’ve never worked as hard in my whole life and I’m in my 70’s. These words contribute to me feeling undervalued and not listened to. These words shouldn’t define who I am, you can get lost and forget who you really are.”

Top Tips for Carers

Here’s a couple of top tips from care partners I work with.

Pause – Allow yourself to absorb and understand the diagnosis.

Reach out for support – To professionals, family/friends, community groups.

Make Memories

Educate yourself – knowledge is empowering.

Allow time for yourself

Focus on now – one step at a time.

Help and resources

If you would like a chat to “get things off your chest” or ask questions. Please feel free to book a free 30 minute zoom or telephone call.


Find out more about Carer’s Week and how you can get involved here.

To access a variety of free resources from me, including a list of helpful contacts and organisations, worksheets, carers cards etc. Go to my really helpful stuff page.

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“Thank you Rachel, the sessions came at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed by a job I dislike, caring for Mum and Dad, finishing MA and Covid. I found having the time and a safe space to explore my thoughts and feelings helpful. You listened to my thoughts and made suggestions about how I could move things forward. We were able to walk which was a great way to talk and get some fresh air, especially during a time of restricted social contact. Your approach was positive, caring and friendly. You listened carefully.” – Jane